Prologue 3- Kuro Shirasaki

Kuro Shirasaki’s POV

Have one ever questioned whether supernatural like sci-fi and fantasy ever truly existed in the world? Right, who am I kidding, it is a dumb and retarded question ain’t it?

‘Of course it doesn’t exist!’ is what a “normal” “sane” person would claim. Then what I am about to say would make me an insane person huh. Continue reading “Prologue 3- Kuro Shirasaki”

Chapter 2- Unknown Diary

Eleanor(Vira)’s POV

It has been a few months since I have repaired my broken relationship with Vira, Yuki and started a new life. Yuki is really blessed, the people around her are so caring towards her, knowing her attitude and personality, I can see why. Another shocking thing that happened to me during the span of the few months, the demon whom I contracted appeared before me again and told me all the locations of the ‘black’ witches and not to go near them, then disappeared immediately after informing me of everything that he needs to tell. Hence, Continue reading “Chapter 2- Unknown Diary”


Kagami Kuro

Ah this is the best!!! My past self must be foolish to think solitude is the best.

“Where shall we go next, darling?” (Liza)

“How about the nearby Sushi restaurant, Liz? It is your long time favorite after all.”

I point to a Sushi restaurant, ‘Ichiban Sushi’ and suggest it to Liz since she hasn’t been eating it ever since we started going out. That’s right Liz is currently my girlfriend and to be wife for about a year now. Continue reading “Eternal”