Chapter 1 – Kurogane Kuro

Kurogane Kuro’s POV

“Yo Kurogane! How’s your test?” (Naofumi)

My best friend, Awamaki Naofumi, a handsome dude who is on the wealthy side as well as having a great personality making him the most popular guy in the school, called out to me as he placed his arm on my shoulder.

“Well, the usual. What about you?”

I got up from my head resting position and answered Naofumi.

“Heh! Behold my perfect score!” (Naofumi)

Naofumi then had an irritating smug look as he presented his test papers with marks above 90.

“I wished I can socked that annoying grin off your face but why showed this to me? OI!”

“Of course it’s so I can see yours. A fair trade my friend. Let’s see…am I seeing things?” (Naofumi)

As I gave him an irritated growl for his smug face which somehow reminded me of a game character that always has an annoying grin on his face, he managed to took my test papers from me. As he scanned through my scores, he questioned me as if he was seeing an illusion.

“Of course not you idiot. Now return them!”

“How? Are you really Kurogane?!” (Naofumi)

“Stop acting dramatically you lil’ shit! I only study for the test and the teacher said that I don’t need to return for summer class if I scored above 80s for all my test. So dropped it, alright?! Hah…”

Then I rebutted Naofumi and snatched back my test papers.

“Seriously…there is a fine line of wanting to do it and not being able to do it. Also I got a few illustrations and commissions to finish, so I can’t afford to attend summer class alright? I’m about to leave soon just so you know. So…what do you need? You wouldn’t just come here just to show me your tests with that damn smug on your face. So?”

“Ah that’s right! Do you want to come with me and Yuna for summer vacation? Ah don’t need to make any excuses, you will probably finished your illustrations and commissions in about a week at most right?” (Naofumi)

“Hah…fine…so who was the one that suggested I tagged along?”

And it seemed like Naofumi wanted to invite me to spend the summer vacation with him and Yuna who was his current girlfriend. In which the request itself is kinda weird cause normally you would to spend your precious time with your significant other.

“”Both of us!”” (Yuna & Naofumi)

Out from the back of Naofumi, Asami Yuna, a popular girl who is beautiful and kind, though a little ditzy appeared as they both claimed that it was both their idea to invite me along with them. Hearing that I grabbed my head and asked them why.

“It would be ungrateful to not invite you after all you done for the both of us. After all, you would just sit at your place doing your usual routine, wouldn’t it be boring?” (Yuna)


“And wouldn’t you get some idea and reference for your work if you went with us?” (Yuna)

“Hah…fine. However, both of you don’t neglect each other too much alright? You both should know that I would be fine by myself right?”

Then Naofumi and Yuna looked at each other for a few seconds before chuckling at my words.

“Bro, it is because you are like this, we can’t. Especially not after you helped us get together you know.” (Naofumi)

“That’s right Kuro. To worry about our relationship… You should really care for yourself you know that? At this rate you won’t be able to find a girlfriend you know that, you tsundere?” (Yuna)

Hearing their words, I had a small smile not viewable to them but when Yuna mentioned tsundere to me, I frowned due to unnecessity of it. Then I asked them the date of departure since I need to plan my schedule due to this new event.

“That last word was seriously unnecessary. So, when are you guys heading there?”

“This coming Thursday. Is it fine with you?” (Naofumi)

“That’s quite fast ain’t it. Fine, then I will head back now. You guys got anything you need finish up before leaving?”

“Ah right, is it alright if we both stayed at your place till the departure date?” (Yuna)

Informing me of the coming departure date, I quickly packed up my stuff in order to leave school since the last bell of the day had already rung. Then Yuna just dropped me a bombshell of a request which cause me to halt all my actions for a few seconds before I questioned her for the reasons for it while massaging my forehead for her slightly absurd request.

“If I may ask, why? Also did both of you informed your parents already?”

“Yup we did and they gave their approval.” (Naofumi)

“That’s right. Both father and mother gave the thumbs up.” (Yuna)



This freaking lovebirds! Hah…

“Fine then hurry up!”

I didn’t want to deal with their unreasonableness any longer than I had to. The two of them quickly went back to their classroom to get their bag as I slowly head for the school gates by myself.

As I neared the gate, the two were running towards me, telling me to wait which I slowed down further to let them catch up to me while causing a ruckus with their appearances. Why would they cause such commotion? If one would ask such, my answer would be a question asking why would the two famous individuals of the school who were scouted by model, idol company, as well as being from a well off families, be friends with a moody dude with a sharp tongue that only looked slightly better than average. Hence the commotions from the peanut gallery.

“Hah…hurry up you two, the crowd is getting really noisy.”


Looking at them heading towards me, I thought, maybe it was not such a bad idea helping them after all, now both of them are my best friends.

AN: I wanted to do a regular school life story, then this idea popped out and after much inspiration and brainstorming, here is the product.

Prologue 3- Kuro Shirasaki

Kuro Shirasaki’s POV

Have one ever questioned whether supernatural like sci-fi and fantasy ever truly existed in the world? Right, who am I kidding, it is a dumb and retarded question ain’t it?

‘Of course it doesn’t exist!’ is what a “normal” “sane” person would claim. Then what I am about to say would make me an insane person huh. Continue reading “Prologue 3- Kuro Shirasaki”